Increase your taxi rate in Berlin!

Find more passengers based on live events. Our artificial intelligence gives the driver recommendations for places with high potential to pick up new passengers.


More trips

More trips

Increase the number per shift by giving you tips on where nearest you are most likely to pick up a new passenger. You will also receive information on live events.

Improve your driving

Train your driving feeling

Over a longer period of time, the driver develops a better feeling for movement in the city.

Taxi community

An app for the taxi community

The more drivers take part, the better information we have so that every taxi driver gets more passengers.

Three simple steps:

  • 1

    Install and launch the app to complement your booking apps (e.g. Mytaxi,

  • 2

    Receive by pressing “Receive recommendation” a suggested location where the likelihood of picking up a new passenger is high.

  • 3

    Rate our recommendation so that we can adapt our travel recommendations to you.

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Background Info


The mobility industry is changing: Autonomous driving, over, ride sharing, new apps. These are the topics that will change all mobility concepts in the long term. This not only drives innovation in the industry, but also creates strong competitive pressure. This results in price wars, legal proceedings and insecurity on all fronts. The taxi industry is the toughest fight in this respect, because it is the oldest mobility concept with the most jobs, many small companies and the largest turnover in local public transport. This also makes the taxi industry less flexible and slower in adapting innovations. The competitiveness of taxi companies must be maintained. Without legal proceedings or legal protection, we use our technology instead, which makes the taxi company more competitive with over and other providers.


In combination with the GPS data of taxi vehicles and our algorithm we can predict in which regions the highest probability is a pedestrian. But how exactly does it work? We first determine the location-based demand for your service in the city (exactly to the day!), so that the distribution of your taxis in the city is optimally aligned. In the next step, shift planning will be improved, as we will be able to trace exactly when and where a taxi is needed. In the last step, we will be able to navigate the taxi driver live through the city, taking into account the running costs, in order to pick up and drop off the most efficient and effective passengers. This procedure will enable the taxi industry to beat companies like Uber with their own technologies.


Participate in the taxi revolution! Use the app as an early adopter and improve it. This way we can push forward the taxi business as a whole.
You can call us in our call center (service phone: +49 15 78 64 33 401).

But there is a simpler way: Just fill out the contact form and we will take care of all our further steps so you can use our app for free and without any issues.